“The scream of a trauma victim is silence.”

Join our movement to prevent harm and reclaim your happy childhood full of joy, freedom, and love at any age.

Jan Broberg

Last year in the United States 800,000 children were reported missing. Of those 800,000 children, only 115 were taken by a stranger. We need to change the conversation, because the people who are abusing our children, the people who are kidnapping, manipulating our children are people they know.

We have to be smarter. We have to be more educated to see the signs. We need to pull our heads out of the sand. We need to stand up and say “NO MORE!”

The Songbird Project is about every person finding their voice, to be able to sing their beautiful songs, to be able to be able to fly and spread those beautiful wings and be happy. To have lives they love. To create lives they are so excited about, that with joy they jump out of bed in the morning.

The Songbird Project lets us speak to audiences around the world. We educate and inspire children and youth, so that abuse can be prevented. For those who have experienced abuse, we help them know they can heal from it. We are working towards a whole world that experiences transparent communication, with no secrets, and abundant love. A world where all children are empowered with their own voice to sing their own song. Every child should have a happy childhood.

This is the Songbird Project.



In 1974, Robert ‘B’ Berchtold takes 12 year old Jan Broberg horseback riding. “B was like a second father to me. I would have trusted him with anything,” explains Jan. “People ask me, ‘How long did it take for you to be brainwashed?’ I don’t know, 5 seconds.”

“She was a beautiful little girl. Very bright, very lively. And as she smiled, there were definite dimples in both cheeks,” Says B. “I did the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

They disappeared for 38 days.

Robert Berchtold was aquitted of first degree kidnapping by reason of mental defect. But he didn’t leave Jan alone. The result was her disappearance a second time.

The full story documentary of Jan Broberg’s harrowing abduction and lifelong battle with Robert Berchtold is coming soon. Click below to watch the trailer.


Making use of difficult experiences to help teach parents, youth, organizations, church groups, schools and businesses. Now all will know what to do to recognize and stop a predator before they harm another child.



The Songbird Project