The Songbird Project is a resource to help parents, teens, and abuse victims find a voice. Through speaking engagements and workshops on the topics below, listeners and participants can all find healing to their souls and motivation to overcome any challenge.



General Healing



Physical, Emotional,
Sexual Abuse Victim



Parent Workshops
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Bluebird: Song of JoyTHE BLUEBIRD

Motivational Speaking Engagements

The Bluebird represents happiness within and without. Showing us how to find those joyful gems in everyday life and reminds us to sing our unique song with confidence. Find joy in your life, dance and sing with every step. Bluebird will inspire your path.

Our speakers share their personal experiences of trauma and abuse, pointing out the subtle danger signs that are often missed. Bringing their experiences to help teach and enlighten parents, youth, your organization, church group, school or business as to what you can do to recognize and stop a predator before they harm another child.


Workshops for Anyone Who Has Been Traumatized and Desires Healing

A caged Canary represents sorrow, unhappiness and entrapment. Canary wants to be uncaged to soar freely and sing it’s unique joyful song. Canary can show you the strength and power of your voice! Reverberating far and wide without hindrance!

Have you been traumatized by abuse, rape, molestation, bullying, coercion, kidnapping, racism, xenophobia or homophobia? We, at the Songbird Project, are here for you. If you are in therapy, feel numb to the world or are trapped in a prison of silence, we understand. We’ve been there. You have stepped out to overcome your past and move forward. We’re here to partner with those who can assist you on your journey to joy!


Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse Victims

Are you trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation? Are you being beaten? Sexually or emotionally abused? Bullied? Being made to feel dirty, ugly or shameful? Do you sometimes want to die or worse? Do you think there is no one you can tell or who would believe you? We, at the Songbird Project, believe you. Jan Broberg knows that you are living in hell. Jan knows you are telling the truth. Come to the Heart to Heart (Truth Be Told) Circle. Come be with people who will believe you, hug you and listen to your story. People who will shower you with love, hold your hand and understand if you can’t yet speak. You are NOT alone. In this session, Jan will partner with local professionals and organizations to provide immediate resources and connect you immediately with the help you deserve.

Heart-To-Heart + Professional Resources + LOVE! 3 hrs


Parent Prevention Workshop and Speaking Engagement

The Chickadee is a Songbird who WARNS! Her song is a sounding of the ALARMS! Are you a PARENT who would do anything to keep your child safe? Of course you are! And though you’d like to be with your children 24/7, you can’t be. Learn to see the warning signs when a neighbor, friend, family member or boyfriend/girlfriend gets too close and potentially dangerous. From date rape, bullying, coercion by a coach/teacher/clergy to predators on the internet and sex traffickers, our children face confusing mixed messages from friendly and often familiar predators. We must first see the subtle cautionary signs as adults and then carefully and appropriately educate our little chickadees!

Jan Broberg will share her story, pointing out the subtle signs that were missed in her case so as to help teach and enlighten your organization, church group, school or business as to what you CAN do to stop a predator before they harm another child.

Lecture + Q & A + Resources + Book Signing 3 hrs


Young People/Teens and Young Adults Workshop and Speaking Engagement

The Bobolink awakens the mind with awareness. Stirring intuitive abilities, healing gifts and creativity, They show us how to move forward with determination, assertion, and focus. Trust your gut your intuition to show The way. Here is a new awakening that will give life, vitality and power in your endeavors. Bobolink teaches the importance of communication and cooperation with an emphasis on utilizing your voice to “sing” beautifully.

It’s never been so difficult to be a young person as it is today. There is so much pressure to fit in, be quiet, be sexy, be like everyone else, be invisible, keep secrets, have sex, and just do whatever makes you accepted. Who do we talk to when adults, that we once looked up to, have been caught doing horrible things? Family members, neighbors, friends, teachers, authority figures, church leaders- all the people we are supposed to be able to trust. They betray us by being inappropriate, disrespectful, violent, manipulative, mean. Our parents are hard to talk to. They just don’t understand everything that we are dealing with. Jan Broberg will partner with local professionals and organizations who will connect you immediately with support you need.

TALK + Workshop Circles + Book Signing 3 hrs


So there I was at 400 lbs. pouring prescription drugs down my throat hoping to check out permanently from my life – to leave behind a crumbling marriage, my four beautiful children and a life I did not recognize as my own.

Unresolved trauma lurked in every corner of my despondent life. I had once been a vivacious leader, a model, and pageant-winning singer. Having been prematurely sexualized as a young child. date raped in college and emotionally neglected, my voice had finally been silenced. My joy was dead.

I did not want to live. When I woke up every morning, I fantasized about turning over, covering my head and dying. And then one day, I tried. But I didn’t die that day. Instead, I became violently ill. A Higher Source had stepped in to gift me with another chance to live. In that moment, I caught a glimpse of myself surrounded by light, standing with my children at the end of a long dark tunnel. We were joyously singing and playing together.

My journey to healing had begun.

Higher Source led me to meet spiritual advisors, gifted healers and other female and male survivors of trauma. Their overcoming emboldened me and guided my path toward helping others out of similar experienced traumas. Just as I was given another chance to live, it’s my hope to give someone else struggling with being alive the desire to live again.

Through motivational, healing, and victim-empowering speeches, speaking engagements and workshops, The Songbird Project is a resource to help do just that.

The Songbird Project is designed to be a piece in the puzzle of your life that leads to healing and living a life you love. Prevention and education are key. Through motivational speaking and workshops, participants will be more empowered to use their voice to set themselves free from the restraints of the past. Like a Songbird freed to sing what’s in its heart, you too will be able to sing your beautiful, unique song.